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Welcome to our Site – Pansy Rubia: Sense of feel, Sense of touch,​ Sense of contact

Welcome to my site – Pansy Rubia

All the items we are selling are handmade by a mother and her daughter, they are living in Hong Kong, which means all items are “made in Hong Kong”



Why calls “Pansy Rubia”

Cloth and Cotton can be presenting all the beauty pattern by difference colour fibres, and all the fibres come from wool, flax, cotton, hemp those are natural elements.

A natural object which can show the most beautiful pattern and the colour is Flower.

‘Pansy’ and ‘Rubia’ are beautiful flowers in the world.

‘Pansy’ is a type of large-flower, it’s a tricolour flower, every flower with their own colours combination.

‘Rubia’ is a genus of flowering plants in the Rubiaceae family, it has different patterns.

Pansy Rubia® Sunglasses and optical frames collection are representing on their natural beautiful sharp and colours by using cloth/cotton.