The story

The Story

The story about – Pansy Rubia®.

The concept comes from a mother who loves to use cloth or textiles to make anything for her own and family in Hong Kong…… Start from 70’s, She designs and handmade beautiful dress / Durable bags / Elegance window curtains / Colourful chair and table cover…… Everything with her own design…… All the stuff she makes are creative and with her own personality.

It seems we could try to put her design to make an eyewear collection……

Fashionable eyewear expresses your own personal style …… Passion, Tender, Love, Outgoing…… Pansy Rubia not only makes good use of different texture of cloth or textiles to wrapping sunglasses and frames, and also making the accessories and pouch.



Creativity has never been standardized, nothing is absolutely right. Everyone has their own personal style and different tastes.

Different shapes, colours and patterns are the key factors of the glasses designs, Every pair of glasses can have a different style as long as those factors have well matched. That’s why the market needs of handicrafts product are still big in the world, this is the selling point that mechanical mass production cannot be replaced

Pansy Rubia From the front to the tip-end all parts are handmade in Hong Kong.  We pay all our effort to made good looking eyeglasses.



Selecting fabric

Selecting the right fabric for the eyeglasses is the most important step, the right colour with the right pattern, it can highlight the design of the glasses and personal style





Each production step have been processed manually, and each accessory should have precisely measured before assembly, any defective found we could make revise immediately.




This is the new updated technique apply on our product – Waterproof on each cloth we selected for any eyewear and accessories.

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